As a troop run by Scouts, we know what boys enjoy doing as Boy Scouts. Camping is one of our troop’s greatest pleasures. So much so, we go on a weekend camping trip every month, excluding the summer months. Each and every summer, we have the opportunity to spend a week or more at two summer camps. To check out the summer camps we went to this year, click “SUMMER CAMPS” at the top, or click on the link "BROWSE CAMPS": 

Hershey Park-September, 2015

Our September camping trip in 2015 took us to one of Pennsylvania’s greatest amusement parks-Hershey Park! Everybody had a blast riding all of the rides, and even though it rained during the afternoon, we still had a great time.

Washington DC-October, 2015

Troop 169 visited Washington, DC for our October camping trip. We went on a two-mile hike throughout the city to earn a medal for participating in the History of Scouting Trail, hosted by the National Capital Area Council. While on the hike, we saw some very interesting places, including the actual White House! After the hike, we visited museums, such as the International Spy Museum and the Museum of Natural History. The Scouts really enjoyed this trip.

Webelo’s Weekend-November, 2015

For our November camping trip, Troop 169 visited Camp Onas for Cub Scout Pack 169’s annual Webelo’s Weekend, a weekend where only the Webelos (oldest Cub Scouts) get to come on the camping trip. And in case you’re wondering, Webelos stands for WE’ll BE LOyal Scouts. Troop 169 helped the Webelos understand some outdoor skills, among other things.

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) Training-December, 2015

In December, Troop 169 visited Ockanickon Scout Reservation and reserved a cabin for ILST Training, a required training for those who would like to hold a leadership position in Troop 169. Leadership positions include, but are not limited to, Patrol Leader, Quartermaster, Senior Patrol Leader, Order of the Arrow Troop Representative, and Librarian. ILST Training includes how to be an effective leader, among other necessary skills to effectively lead our troop.

Klondike Preparation-January, 2016

In January of 2016, Troop 169 was at Hawk Mountain, preparing for the grueling challenge that is the Klondike Derby. We honed all of our Scout skills and prepared physically and mentally for the Klondike Derby, which would test all of our Scout skills including cooking, orienteering, First Aid, knots and lashings, and much, much more.

Skiing/Snowboarding-February, 2016

In February, Troop 169 visited Shawnee ski resort, and stayed at a cabin in Ressica Falls Scout Reservation. We split into groups according to skill level, and we skied or snowboarded the whole day. Only stopping for lunch, we skied/snowboarded from 11:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night, and then we did Snowtubing from 8:00 to 10:00. This was a very fun camping trip.

Harper’s Ferry-March, 2016

Our March Camping trip took us to Harper’s Ferry, a National Park with a lot of history. Our troop went on a tour around the area with a guide, and after that, we participated in a scavenger hunt to look at famous buildings. We chose Harper’s Ferry because it was a historical and important part in the Civil War, and it turned out to be a very good choice.

25 mile Biking-April, 2016

In April of 2016, Troop 169 went biking. We stayed at Lehigh Gorge campground, and on Saturday morning, set out for a long bike ride. The Troop took a lot of stops, a lot of water breaks, and had a lot of cramps, but we did it. And it felt awesome after we finished! One of our Scouts had only been riding a bike for two weeks, but he went on this camping trip and he finished with the rest of us, which is just awesome! Sunday morning dipped below freezing, so we packed up as fast as we could. Once we were on the road, we stopped at a warm rest stop for breakfast.

Relaxed Camping-May, 2016

This camping trip was a widely requested one, and the PLC (Patrol Leader Council) delivered. During our May camping trip, we took an orienteering course in the morning, and the new Scouts stayed behind with 2 older Scouts to earn their Totin’ Chip and Firem’n Chit. In the afternoon, some people went fishing, some went Geocaching, and some just stayed behind to relax. It seemed like everyone enjoyed this trip.

Kayaking-June, 2016

In June of 2016, Troop 169 went kayaking in New Jersey. 15 Scouts enjoyed a nice long kayak trip on the Pine Barrens river, relaxing and talking to each other on the way. One of our Scouts got “kayak-jacked” by a snake! A snake surprised him by falling into his kayak, but luckily, no one was bitten. After the kayaking, it was nice to rest our arms.

Hershey Park-September, 2016

Troop 169 traveled to Hershey Park to start our 2016-17 camping year. This was the second annual trip to Hershey Park we took, and we had just as much fun the second time around. The lines were a little long, but not long enough to discourage us. After dividing into 3 groups of varying “hardcore-ness”, we set out to ride all of the roller-coasters. After a long day of fun, we rested back at our campsite with a nice fire.

Scoutfest-October, 2016

The Washington Crossing Council held their annual Scoutfest, a small jamboree of multiple troops and packs from all over the council, with activities varying from a zip-line to throwing knives, and everything in between. To get into the Halloween spirit, at the end of the day, they held a haunted house in one of the barns on the fairgrounds. They also had a concert, multiple food trucks, and several different trading posts offering everything from a plastic canteen to backpacking meals. This camping trip had something for everyone, and was very fun.

Webelo’s Weekend-November, 2016

For the second consecutive year, Troop 169 traveled up to Camp Onas for Cub Scout Pack 169’s annual Webelo’s Weekend. Troop 169 taught the Cub Scouts many different skills needed for their badges and requirements, including shelter building, water purification, fire building, geology, game making, and more. The yurt where we slept was not as cold as last year, which was good. The Cub Scouts reported that the lessons were interesting and well planned. A successful camping trip all around!

Klondike Prep-December, 2017

During the last camping trip of 2017, Troop 169 visited Camp Turrell up in New York for their annual Klondike Preparation camping trip. This year, however, we decided upon two Klondike camping trips, for extra preparation. We prepared Jambalaya, practiced fire building, and committed themselves to learning many other necessary skills to succeed in Klondike. At night, we devoured cracker barrel while watching a movie to relax. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull Boy Scout.

Klondike Prep-January, 2017

For Troop 169’s first camping trip in 2017, we drove up to New York for our weekend. After setting up camp in the nicest cabin we’ve ever seen, we relaxed with a movie. On Saturday, we practiced orienteering by setting up courses for each other, and measuring the height and width of objects, a necessary Klondike skill. In the afternoon, after cooking the Klondike Jambalaya, we practiced fire building, and who could build a fire the fastest. At night, after a two-mile hike over a small mountain to get to the trading post (I’m not kidding, we had to hike up a small mountain) we had cracker barrel. It may have been our fanciest one yet-Chocolate Fondue. After watching Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark, everybody fell asleep fast. Everybody had fun.

Snowboarding/Skiing-February, 2017

After driving almost two hours to get to our cabin, we prepared our snow gear and set an early curfew. Saturday morning was pretty cold, but luckily we were able to cook and clean fast and get up to the mountain quickly. It turns out, Camelback is a fantastic mountain for both beginners and experienced skier/snowboarders. Boasting 7 black diamonds, a double black diamond, as well as 4 terrain parks and a mile-long run, among other runs, Camelback was the perfect mountain for our skiing trip. After being threatened by an ice storm, we were forced to pack up early and leave that night. At final count, everybody got home at around 2:00 in the morning.