Troop 169

Troop 169’s Guiding Philosophies

Our 5-3-1 plan 

Our 5-3-1 plan is simple, yet effective. We teach 5 life-long core skills that Scouts will use and carry with them for the rest of their lives. These essential 5 skills are: Camping, Citizenship, First Aid, Cooking, and Knot Tying. Higher ranked Scouts will pass on this valuable knowledge to the younger ranks in 3 ways: Instruction, Planning, and Leadership Roles. And of course, all of this is centered around the #1 common ambition of Boy Scouts everywhere: Fun! We refer to this as Troop 169’s 5-3-1 plan. 

A Scout-led troop 

Troop 169 is a Scout-led troop. That means we research, present, and vote on the summer camps and trips we take-which means our Scouts research possible camp ideas, explain them to the rest of the troop, and then the troop members vote on it. Our Patrol Leader Council plans and runs our troop meetings. They also plan and carry out any summer camp and trip ideas our boys have. Now, we still have our Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters, only they don’t run the troop. They oversee and guide us. 

Flight to eagle 

Our Flight to Eagle program is ideal for new-to-Scouting parents and Scouts. We believe that inside every Scout is an Eagle, straining to take flight. Our Flight to Eagle program lets all of our Scouts set their own realistic pace toward their ultimate goal. We nurture, instruct, and guide the Scout so that, when ready, that Eagle may take flight and soar with pride.